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Membership is open to any persons working in, or retired from, an education related office environment in Kern County.

Active Membership: persons currently employed as office professionals in an educational system or organization related to education. Active members are eligible to vote on all matters coming before KAEOP to serve on committees, and to hold office. Annual dues are $20.00

Retired Members: Office professionals who have retired from an educational system or organization related to education. Retired members have the privilege of voting and may serve on committees. Annual dues are $10.00

Honorary memberships in the Association may be conferred by the Executive Board in recognition of service to the Association.  Honorary members are entitled to all of the privileges of active membership except those of holding office and voting and shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Members who are no longer engaged in educational work, yet desire to keep in touch with the Association, may upon payment of annual dues become Associate Members with all the privileges of the Active Members, except that of holding an elective office

Membership brochure

Membership Form in PDF fillable format